Be the peace be in you.


Of thoughts. Actions. Behaviour. Beliefs.

Are nothing but inflicted pain

Fear no more

For conflicts will always remain

We have to prevail

Over the fear

Or we shall fail

Learn to live in the world of conflicts

Embrace the feeling and

it will relieve you from all the reeling

Accept it as part of your journey

And it will accept you as its own.


People of peace will prevail

And everything else will fail


Scattered thoughts

Scattered emotions

Scattered feelings

Is there no way you can help me

Or is it because you know

That only I can help myself

How is it fair

To make everything seem unfair

Look around and see

People of will will turn unfairness into fairness

Learn from them

Pick up the pieces

Fix the scatters

Stop this right now

Constant state of the mind’s duality. What do you see?

Does the duality of making the right or the wrong choice leave you lost and terrified? And then you find yourself altogether give up on actually doing that thing and seeing it through because of the uncertain future it carries? I often find myself in that situation and I really wish I could escape from that. I want to be able to live a non-dual life and consistently so. Where I just do and not care about what I do it for? Was something like that possible? …

The fire in you or the fire that is burning you down? Change your perspective, today.

Have you ever been completely shattered in your life? Just into a 1000 million tiny pieces? Where nothing makes sense but you dont want to give up on yourself, yet you dont know what to do and where to start to make yourself feel better? Yeah, I have too been. I recently went through that in life and I have no idea how I am healing now but I am. And when I think in retrospect about the event that led to my shattering was, what my sister calls, “A Beautiful Destruction”, it has changed my life.

A Beautiful Destruction…

It’s funny how once I opened this page, it said “tell your story” and with a smile, I thought to myself “that is exactly what I had intended to do.” It’s just beautiful when things fall in place, right? But what about those times when our well thought out plans in life do not pan out the way they were supposed to.

Is there a bigger reason as to why your smaller plans don’t work out? I am starting to believe that there is.

As a teenager, I always dreamt of having an indenpendent life away from my protective family…


Lawyer by profession, healer and empath by birth.

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